Meet the GBPA18’s outstanding PTC showcases: Bluesky TRS (China)

For the coming period, we will present you week by week, the most outstanding PTC showcases that were officially nominated for The Global Best Practices Awards Program 2018. The profiles of these companies are also present in the WOPCOM platform, which you can access here.


Bluesky TRS (China). A role model for Chinese specialized laundry in hospitality.

A role model; that’s the ambition of Bluesky. The company, located in China’s capital Beijing, wants to be an example for the textile services industry in China. The laundry has been fully automated using RFID and invested massively in technology to increase the sustainability of the laundry. Bluesky claims that it’s leading in China when it comes to water treatment and the automation of the facility. All this to serve the top hotels in the area of Beijing. Bluesky is a full textile services company for the hospitality branch, including rental of textiles and laundry. On a daily basis Bluesky processes 60.000 – 70.000 kilo of laundry and provides textile rental services for 270 hotels, which adds up to more than 25.000 rooms. Something a services company can hardly achieve without proper automation. Bluesky was the first company in China to implement a fully automated production line by Kannegiesser. It is just one of the innovations.

Water treatment

One of the major investments is the realization of a water sewage treatment plant with a daily processing capacity of 500 ton of waste water. This is related to the strict regulations that the city of Beijing has with regards to surface water. Industries are obliged to control the waste water and naturally that goes for laundries in particular. Bluesky is planning more investments to improve the quality of water and water recycling. The plans comprise the installation of a new water recycling system that also recycles the waste heat of the dryers and the ironing equipment and to use this recycled heat for the washing machines. The rental business adds another dimension to the whole recycling program. Public rental of textiles is still a rather new concept in China. Bluesky is exploring textile waste recycling programs and
different channels to recycle textiles.


To make the most effective use of capabilities Working for top class hotels means that a laundry needs to have high quality standards. The implementation of a quality control system that comprises tracking and tracing with RFID has contributed in maintaining this high quality standard. The RFID technology using chips in every piece of textile
enables the exact monitoring of laundry per hotel. Logistic and laundry capacity are calculated based on the data that is extracted from the monitoring systems that provides detailed information on hotel occupancy rates. Logistic capacity also includes the choice of sort of vehicles for pickup and delivery and even packaging of the textiles. Based on the data, Bluesky chooses the most efficient logistic solution for packaging and distribution. Efficient when it comes to costs, but also in term of limiting the ecological footprint. It’s the combination of the use of automated washing production lines, efficient washing processes, maintaining high quality standards, whilst ensuring savings of water and energy.

Bluesky TRS facilities

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