Meet the GBPA18’s outstanding PTC showcases: Lavandería Romeral (Spain)

For the coming period, we will present you week by week, the most outstanding PTC showcases that were officially nominated for The Global Best Practices Awards Program 2018. The profiles of these companies are also present in the WOPCOM platform, which you can access here.

Lavandería Romeral (Spain)

The laundry that enables professionalization of the entire laundry sector

Lavandería Romeral is an industrial textile services company. Since 1980 the laundry is dedicated to the cleaning of textiles of lodging establishments (hotels, apartments, bungalows), restaurants and gyms in the tourist areas of the island of Gran Canaria (Spain). Now the laundry also offers Industrial Dry Cleaning Service, each establishment at the scheduled time with a delivery of a maximum of 24 hours a day.

With more than 35 years of experience, since 2010 the laundry has been led by a new young and dynamic work team with a new approach of the management of the company. With new facilities in the Poligono de Arinaga, Lavandería Romeral bears as a 3.0 company social responsibility and has a highly-qualified and motivated staff.


Labour policy. For the Lavandería Romeral, there are two types of clients: the external who hire services and the internal, their employees, who are part of a comprehensive business project. The industry takes care of their working conditions, their training and the conciliation with their family life. All this directly affects the quality of work they realise.

At Lavandería Romeral they practise social responsibility, which means that people are not only seen as consumers or workers, but as “complete persons” with “human spirit”, who want the world to be best. Therefore, the compensations, benefits and training of their employees are greater than those of the competition. For staff training and constant updating in the productive processes, Lavandería Romeral attends all national and international fairs of their sector to know the latest trends in it.

Romeral’ practises social responsibility, which means that people are not only seen as consumers or workers, but as “complete persons” with “human spirit”

The quality of the management and processes is guaranteed by focusing on firstly solving the problems of their customers. With regard to service, they work with the laboratory ITEL specialised (Spanish Technical Cleaning Institute), who focuses on giving the solution to the problems of their clients. ITEL performs the inspections and total identification of the textiles of the laundry clients via the RFID system, which makes traceability possible. In this way, the laundry is able to give their clients all the information necessary for the sake of a higher quality of their services.

Products and Sustainability

For Lavandería Romeral, commitment to the environment is a core value. This manifests itself in ecological processes and products in addition to renewable energy. Sustainability is another value of the company. For this reason, they work to be an eco-friendly company and they want to be a sector leader on the island.

The rates of replacement are limited to the minimum by integrating analysis, organisation and planning in all processes (washing and drying) and finishes (ironing, folding and packaging) through technologies of last generation. This guarantees efficient solutions, no accumulations, an optimalisation of the production and low costs per kg of laundry washed. Finally, they have installed a photovoltaic plant, a solar power system with solar panels, each comprising a number of solar cells, designed for the supply of solar power by means of the conversion of light, for self-consumption of green energy.

The rates of replacement are limited to the minimum by integrating analysis, organisation and planning in all processes (washing and drying), etc.

In terms of recovery & recycling the laundry takes care of an optimal recycling of waste. The specific location also has the greatest potential for industrial and commercial development in Gran Canaria. Furthermore, the Municipality of Qauimes manages and takes charge of the collection of waste with several pickup days a week:

Business model and service concept

The services of Lavandería Romeral cover all the needs of the lodging and catering establishments in relation to the externalisation of the washing and cleaning of textiles, as well as leasing and renting/rent of bedding, towels, tablecloths, napkins, etc. There is also a Dry Cleaning Service.

In addition, customers are given technical advice to guarantee that their textiles are treated and maintained correctly. Collection and delivery are included in the customer service. Additionally, all processes are carried out under the professional standards of industrial laundry.

This shows that the laundry is more than a service provider; they are their customers’ strategic expert partner in textile cleaning. The promotion of the laundry is done through a Social Media Plan, using Social Networks, the web page and Blog. They also link their services to the Hospitality industry (governors, cooks, etc.), and use the Local Written Press.


To meet the changing demands of customers, Management and Service Software (has recently been installed in each of the processes. This simplifies the tasks for the operators, eliminating the paper and streamlining the billing and control service in each process. It is a data-capture system and informs on consumption, profitability and production costs. Besides, it is adaptable to the choice of proper management and guarantees real and immediate control of each work area. Furthermore, the laundry has a Massive Reading RFID Tunnel for traceability of the garments.

Key note

The company is most proud of the direct impact of their high quality services on tourist life in Gran Canaria. The laundry also differentiates itself for being a 3.0 company, which not only deals with corporate profits, but also offer society benefits for professionalisation of the laundry sector.

Last but not least, Lavandería Romeral offers outstanding services for its employees, like a rest and recreation room with area food and day care for children of personnel, a training room to learn the ins and outs of the trade of laundry and a room of spiritual growth. Finally, the company puts special emphasis on the realisation of courses, workshops and conferences, important for the development of their personnel and the guarantee of their qualities.

Lavandería Romeral is proud of the effect they have on tourist life in Gran Canaria