Global Best Practice Awards 2018

Meet the GBPAP18 Finalists

For the coming period, until the big Final of the Global Best Practices Awards Program 2018 (October, 18-19, ExpoDetergo Milan), we will present you week by week, the most outstanding showcases selected by GBPAP18’s International Jury. The Finalist companies will compete for the trophies of the global Professional Textile Care industry.

The companies we will show you today are Elis/Berendsen (The Netherlands), Hakuyosha (Japan), CHMS (Germany), Lig Centro Sud (Italy) and Shortridge (UK).



Country : The Netherlands; Type : Industrial Textile Services

Growth through acquisitions, organic growth and business intelligence system

The new site built by Berendsen was taken over by Elis in June, 2017. This plant was just opened and offers an excellent insight of the “state of the art” in laundry technology.

The outstanding new Elis facility in Helmond, The Netherlands

Elis originates from France but the company is the world’s largest laundry multinational with >440 facilities in Europe and Latin America. In 2016 the company had a turnover of 3+ billion euro serving over 400.000 clients.

The company has a clear strategy for growth through acquisitions and organic growth. The location is interesting because of its lean processing with seven simple product lines, keeping customers together per batch so the sorting is kept to a minimum.

Business Intelligence, at its best

A Business Intelligence system improves the decision making process on strategic, tactical and operational level and also on the system’s application in the following fields: customer overview, customer portfolio management, KPIs and cost calculation.

The facility has a State of the Art sustainability installation bases on the principles of Trias Energetica and the results thereof.

1) Use an energy efficient machinery park

2) Reduce demand, re-use energy and implement green energy sources

3) Use renewables and apply fossil fuels as efficiently as possible

The saving potential of the systems based on this concept is spectacular and the similar solutions implemented in UK, France, Belgium and The Netherlands achieved energy savings were up to 75%.



Country : Japan; Type: TC

Everything for the customer

Hakuyosha is known as a full-service cleaning company, with more than 110 years of history of providing textile care services, hotel line supply services, dust-control services, etc.  The company’s main concept, “In everything, do to others what you would wish them to do to you”, is translated into day-to-day operations performed the entire staff.

The Japanese company provides total cleaning service for day-to-day life such as interior cleaning, not only textile cleaning. This includes pick up & delivery service, apart from the service in the shops, and also the reception of the items that are sent by door-to-door delivery service from all over the country so that the customers can receive the service in a convenient manner.

Hakuyosha’s headquarters

A continuous evolution and improvement of the processes and services

Hakuyosha considers convenience for customers the pivotal characteristic while tailoring a high quality service. They study the characteristics of material, develop handling methods, and add new cleaning features continuously. And this is done by aiming to clean and finish in a more sustainable manner without affecting the textiles. Their credo is that the best promotion is continuing to meet customers’ requests.

A leader in Japan in terms of innovation and sustainability

The company is working on constructive introduction of energy saving facilities, co-development of new solvent with manufacturer, and recycle of plastic hangers to contribute countermeasures against global warming and CO2 reduction. Although the environment related laws and regulations keep changing, Hakuyosha meets every regulation’s requirements by innovation, such as developing and integrating new equipment.


Company : CHMS Gmbh & Co KG

Country : Germany; Type: TS

A (hi)story of innovation

The improvements CHMS have achieved in the sustainability field are the result of a continuous improvement process (CIP). “It is an endless project”, as Mr. Krause, the General Manager points out. “I was able to implement the changes only through adequate technical and process knowledge.” The most important measure is the holistic view over the entire operation.

Meeting changing customer needs

A flexible enterprise, CHMS is able to say ‘yes’ to emergency supplies, due to its regional presence. Special requests that can be handled with the existing equipment are no problem for the company.  The products that the laundry handles are subject to fashion developments. By keeping a personal and close contact to customers, CHMS is able to react quickly on changes and raising customer demands.

Aerial view of the CHMS plant

Intensive focus sustainability through data-analysis

All machines are equipped with data measuring-units. This data is captured on a daily base and is related to the processed quantities. With these numbers it is possible to reach a daily optimum in use of materials and energy. Deviations can be recognized quickly. CHMS has data available from 1995.


Company : LIG Centro Sud

Country : Italy; Type: TS

Excellence in the “wash and rental” service

The ‘lava-noleggio’ (wash and rental) service is the main activity of LIG Centro Sud. The Textile Items are rented to the customer and after use at the accommodation facilities, are collected and reconditioned (washing, drying, ironing, folding) in the industrial laundries of the company, then returned for a new use. The rented textile articles they service include:  the bedding kit (sheets, pillowcase, bedspreads, blankets, etc.), as well as bath linen (bathrobes, towels), flat linen for restaurants (tablecloths, stains covers, napkins). Once washed and reconditioned, the items are returned to customers through the provision of services to the linen cupboards and distribution logistics.

An RFID based fully automated system, in place at LIG Centro Sud

Full traceability

LIG Centro Sud benefits of an automated system based on Rfid UHF which has full traceability and control of the flow of flat linen and packaging in all phases regarding the laundry, warehousing and delivery and pick up by the client. The system, which integrates all parameters for both the hardware and the software, provides a full adaptation to the needs of the client, their work volume, available space and the organisation, depending on the stages of their work.


Company : Shortridge

Country : UK; Type: TS

A high commitment to quality and pragmatism is the successful recipe

Shortridge had recently recovered from a major fire at its Scottish plant in Dumfries, now a brand new super-efficient ‘green’ laundry plant just over a year from the blaze taking hold. The company’s service is based on fine linen and towels, quality workwear, high laundering standards and exceptional customer care for Scotland and businesses across the north of England.

It supplies an eclectic clientele running into the thousands from high end hotels, holiday parks and self-catering agencies to bakers and boiler manufacturers with specialist linen hire, laundry services, and work uniforms as well as table linen hire. Shortridge can name exclusive venues such as five star Rockliffe Hall Hotel and Stobo Castle, Peebles, among its clientele. Millgate B&B in North Yorkshire credits Shortridge’s linen for helping it become Trip Advisor’s ‘The World’s Best B&B’.

Outstanding operational procedures are among Shortridge’s main strengths

An environment friendly company

As for green credentials, the company utilizes heat recovery systems and waste water recycling to reduce its impact on the environment and delivery routes are carefully planned to be as fuel efficient as possible. Shortridge also recycles all of the cardboard and plastic waste. They have also been completely plastic free when it comes to packing the clean items for several years without issue, due to the fact that people and companies are becoming more waste conscious.