Global Best Practice Awards 2018

Meet the GBPAP18 Finalists

For the coming period, until the big Final of the Global Best Practices Awards Program 2018 (October, 18-19, ExpoDetergo Milan), we will present you week by week, the most outstanding showcases selected by GBPAP18’s International Jury. The Finalist companies will compete for the trophies of the global Professional Textile Care industry.

The companies we will show you today are Champion Cleaners (UAE), VIC (Sweden), QNC Makassar (Indonesia), Fornet Nantong Factory (China) and Alpirsbacher Wäsche Service (Germany).


Company: Champion Cleaners

Country: UAE, Type: TC

Champion Cleaners. Champions of Quality and Innovation

The company is setting a leading retail establishment of UAE and its main goal is to provide quality services to the customers and to consistently find out more efficient and innovative ways to deliver its services. The organization operates on a B2C business model. There is a provision of services at the shops (drop locations), but also a pick-up & delivery service available through customer contact. A mobile app completes the portfolio.

Building consumer’s loyalty

Champion Cleanears promote their brand through extensive marketing over social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and vlogs on YouTube. The company also provides special services in addition to normal laundry & dry cleaning services: professional leather care, handbag & shoe cleaning services, carpet & upholstery cleaning, permanent creasing, wedding gown restoration, soft toy cleaning, alteration Clinique, hygienizing & sanitizing services.


Company: VIC

Country: Sweden, Type: TC

Safe and sustainable textile cleaning enterprise

The structure in Kallered, Sweden, houses nine machines in total, three for dry cleaning and six for wet cleaning. Vic Textilvatt is offering a very wide range of cleaning services, from ‘ordinary’ laundry to wedding dresses, from carpets to curtains and much, much more.

The facility services three of its own shops in a 50 kilometre radius, the factory also has a small shop on the grounds. Each shop has the capability to execute a quick shirt service, but all the larger and more specific items get brought to Kallered by one of the four company trucks.

Happiness of the employees, a must for customer satisfaction

At this successful Swedish textile service company, keeping the employees happy and trained, quality is almost a given. However, to make sure Vic Textilvatt stays on top of their guarantee of quality, they have an annual audit performed. Being a member of the Swedish Laundry Association makes them able and obliged to have their work and facilities checked by an external agency. The audit consists of over 80 points in areas such as environment, hygiene and of course quality.


Company: QNC Makassar

Country: Indonesia, Type: TC

QnC. Quick and clean

The company goal for QnC Laundry sounds simple: the concept is a medium service that serves premium kilo laundry and laundry units for daily clothes. Their vision: “To inspire and facilitate human life through the widest and most reliable laundry network authority”. However, the execution of this goal and vision is nothing but simple, it is very special indeed.

The business focus is on business growth. They achieved a 100% stores growth in 2017 (from 6 to 12) and targeting another 100% by the end of 2018. Rapid evolution is made possible by simplifying the work system through the development of a sophisticated IT system.

Translating customer’s voice into quality service

QnC applies the House of Quality (HOQ) theory to determine quality dimensions. Basically HOQ tries to convert the voice of customers into technical specifications that are measured by quality. This theory relies of 3 dimensions: dependability, accessibility and accurate information.

Each unit of the company performs the wash for each customer’s laundry individually, according to the customer’s preference. The client can choose how big the load of the laundry in each washing machine cycle can be, but still charged proportionally by its weight. This service differentiate QnC from the coin laundry facilities in Indonesia.


Company: Fornet Nantong Factory

Country: China, Type: TS

Market Area: Fashion Clothes Industry

Collaboration of 2 successful companies

NanTong Fornet & Ycloset Ltd. is a partnership between Fornet and Ycloset. It consists of establishing a warehouse where Ycloset runs its own clothing rental operations and a laundry facility where Fornet provides textile care services at the same location. The operations process flow between both sides is fully integrated. The entire laundry facility is located in Nantong, a harbor city in the province of Jiangsu in the East of China.  The productivity of the state of the art facility can reach 30.000 garments per day with the actual set-up but can increase at this location to 60.000 garments if a second production line is installed.

Quality control directly by the customer

The requirement of quality before Ycloset sends the clothes to the final customer are very high. An Ycloset quality control department is in charge to control the quality of each garment after cleaning. Each piece is scanned and recorded in their system. Any rewash/re-press/re-spot garment is also recorded in the database. Fornet and Ycloset have a daily high efficiency communication feedback to maintain and improve the cleaning quality.


Company: Alpirsbacher Wäsche Service

Country: Germany, Type: TS

Market Areas Industry, Hospitality, Health care hospitals and Health care institutions

German service’s impeccable quality standard

Alpirsbacher Wäsche-Service is a German laundry company that operates a wide variety of textiles. The company is located in Alpirsbach in the south of Germany which is not far from Stuttgart and the French border. Annually 3.500 000 kg/ of laundry wear is processed.

The company offers a one stop shop opportunity to customers. These are fully unburdened. It offers a distinction with other industry like laundries by being able to create networks on a level that transcends the region. This way customers with more than one location can relinquish their entire wear process to Alpirsbacher Wäsche-Service at once. Training is offered even to customer employees who get into touch with Alpirsbacher’s wear systems. The company has information locations for occupants and relatives in nursing homes available so there’s even attention for the customer’s customer.

Sustainable and innovative measures are numerous

In the company there is a lot of attention for sustainability and innovation. The energy consumption is reduced by using only appropriate and well maintained equipment, isolation and investigating optimums on heating and maintenance parameters. Maintenance is done by a team of qualified internal technically skilled employees. They intensively work together with equipment manufacturers.