Meet the GBPAP18 Finalists

For the coming period, until the big Final of the Global Best Practices Awards Program 2018 (October, 18-19, ExpoDetergo Milan), we will present you week by week, the most outstanding showcases selected by GBPAP18’s International Jury. The Finalist companies will compete for the trophies of the global Professional Textile Care industry.

The companies we will show you today are the following: Karl Chehade DryCleaning (Australia), Our Dry Cleaners – Canada, Tintorerías L´art Parisien Limitada (Chile), Beijing Fornet (China), Branew (China), Lemia (Croatia), Fashioncare 24/7 (Germany), Persil – Stichweh (Germany), Jeeves (Indonesia), Lavadi (Italy), Renseriet (Norway), A-D Praonice (Bosnia), Magnus Lavanderia (Brazil), Servitex (Germany) and Shubhram (India).


Karl Chehade DryCleaning – Australia

A successful story of excellence in laundry service

Karl Chehade Dry Cleaning has evolved over more than 60  years into Australia’s largest & environmentally friendly dry cleaning company. KCDC offers a large array of dry cleaning and laundry services to its customer base: from general  garments to bridal wear and from leather to soft furnishings. To meet the needs of the modern costumer, the company has 14 drive-through locations and locations with 24/7 access, with the added convenience of lockers and conveyors. Throughout the whole greater Adelaide area, KCDC offers also free pickup and delivery, servicing a potential 450,000 households and businesses.

Reducing emissions at the source

KCDC has installed its own solar powered plants that generate 90% of all of its water heating requirements. This means minimal gas consumption with respect to hot water and steam usage. In addition to these hot-water solar plants, they use solar photovoltaic (PV) plants to minimize electricity consumption and to offset peak energy demand.

CO2 emissions are further reduced by the development of programs and detergents that work with cool water and by the use of an efficient filtration system with tonsil instead of continuous distillation. Also, shorter and more efficient washing programs and extremely high extraction speeds to reduce drying times are incorporated.


Our Dry Cleaners – Canada

The Market Expert

Our Dry Cleaners is a modern fabric care and fashion care company with 75 years of textile care industry experience. Continuously updated equipment, innovative systems and skills training allows the company to successfully continue to strive and thrive in the market providing full service for all textile care needs.  Adopted processes take care of the earth and the textiles, whether wet cleaned with tension finishing or drycleaned with K4. The Sosei water conditioning system reduces detergent consumption up to 40% and eliminates a rinse cycle saving water in the wetcleaning process. State of the art equipment incorporates new innovations in the industry and utilizes cutting edge technology and crafts in the plant.

Quality Focus

Quality is job one. This message is conveyed to customers by displaying certificates and awards in the lobby and the information center with a complete set of “DLI Book of Knowledge”. Quality control focuses on five integrities: Fibre, Cleaning, Structural, Fashion and Final Inspection. Every garment is checked for buttons, repairs, sequins/appliques and then accessed for either drycleaning or wetcleaning.  All garments are pre-spotted and post-checked for stain removal and then forwarded to finishing where they are sorted into three stations (pant, silk and wool/top) which are fully equipped to handle all pressing and finishing requirements.


Tintorerías L´art Parisien Limitada – Chile

Diversified service

L’art Parisien has several locations that are spread out over the Santiago Metropolitan area. Here, costomers can make use of both premium and economic services. The first includes the cleaning of more delicate materials such as wedding dresses, leather, carpets, and silk garments for example. In addition, you can opt for deodorization, waterproofing and button and seam control among others. The company also offers an alterations & reparations service.

Costumers that feel heard

According to L’art Parisien, good customer service facilitates word-of mouth marketing. Listening is incredibly important; the customer has to feel heard at all times. The employee should always have a polite and humble attitude. Criticism has to be accepted with humility and both ‘home’ and ‘industrial’ clients have to believe and experience the company’s commitment to improvement.

Guaranteed high quality is one core value of L’art Parisien, sustainability another. To meet its responsibility towards future generations and the environment, the company employs several environmental friendly practices. The plant and workshops are equipped with wet cleaning machines and other machinery with low water and energy consumption. Operation of the machines is scheduled so that CO2 emission and water and energy consumption are kept as low as possible.


Beijing Fornet – China

Powerful service, reputation and customer loyalty

FORNET comes from two French words – FORT (very) and NET (clean) and it also means “for cleaning” in English. These two words illustrate the service philosophy of the company. “For Cleaning” is the service that FORNET is dedicated to provide to all customers. Service is a powerful guarantee for visibility, reputation and customer loyalty. FORNET’s credo is that service industry should be based on service-oriented mindset.

Convenience, high-quality and fast laundry services

Fornet Laundry’s business model is characterized by their aim to provide convenient, high-quality and fast drycleaning services to their customers. Convenience is realized by their online app-ordering system and WeChat services, as well as by a pick-up and delivery system and in-house cleaning services, like carpet, mattress and sofa cleaning. The broad amount of services provided by the company doesn’t end here. Also provided is a private tailoring service which is done by one of their alteration stores. They clean shoes and bags and provide dyeing, button sewing and leather softening services. Currently Fornet is working on making all of these services available in all franchises. Over a million customers currently enjoy the benefits of having no extra charges for light coloring and express laundry services.


Branew –  China

High-quality dry cleaning and laundry services in Beijing at international standards

Ever since its foundation in 2009, the objective of Branew, a leading chain of professional dry cleaning and laundry services providers in China, has been to offer quality services that adhere to strict guidelines in areas such as operational efficiency, environmental responsibility, and worker policies. In order to achieve this, the company invests in state-of-the-art machinery from countries around the world, including Italy, Japan and the United States.

All services, all over town

In less than a decade, Branew has grown into a major player on the Beijing dry cleaning and laundry services market. The company currently operates more than 50 outlets spread all over the Chinese capital, making it very convenient for customers to reach their preferred dry cleaner, no matter where they live. This widespread presence in the area helps Branew to constantly grow and cater to a large group of loyal local and international customers.

Besides its extensive network of outlets, Branew also offers a wide array of textile care services to further improve the convenience for its customers. There are roughly three major service categories, namely general garment care, special clothing care, and care for home textile and fur items.


Lemia – Croatia

Quality and expertise since 1979

You can count on dry cleaning, washing, and repair services of the highest quality at each of Lemia Croatia’s 14 locations. A family firm, Lemia has been providing quality and expertise with a personal touch since 1979.

Lemia employs more than 50 employees at 3 modern dry cleaning locations and 11 collection locations in Zagreb. This way, the company covers Croatia’s most important market, in which about 60% of its services are B2B and 40% are B2C, which is a healthy ratio. Over the coming years, the Leljak family company, which is run nowadays by Denis and Svjetlana, is planning to centralise their operations by constructing a new plant and to look beyond Croatia in terms of expansion, to Slovakia and Bosnia.

Innovation no matter what

Even though quality and expertise are mentioned in the company’s slogan, innovation might just as well be part of it. Lemia’s objective has always looked to offer innovative services with excellent environmental protection standards, which is clear when looking at the machines and products used by the company. From ecological detergents to energy-efficient machinery and the incorporation of several processes to reduce waste, Lemia has always been on the forefront of environmentally responsible dry cleaning and laundry activities.


Fashioncare 24/7 – Germany

In the heart of Dusseldorf

Berliner Allee, downtown Dusseldorf is the home to Fashioncare 24/7. As the name suggests this dry cleaning business, spread over more than 300 square metres, is accessible to its clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Fashioncare 24/7 is proud to have built a great team of qualified, competent and above all motivated employees through down-to-earth and sustainable personnel management. Not only the technical competence of the people working at Fashioncare 24/7 is important, but also the human factor plays a huge part in the team. Our customers not only feel well advised, they know their textile is in good hands with us.

Great quality is achieved with more than just machines

Besides the modern, new, and high-tech machines used in Dusseldorf, the professional skills of the staff and a trained eye in the final inspection of the treated textiles, always guarantee perfect results and satisfied customers. Fashioncare 24/7 stands out in more ways than one. The absolute best results are reached by perfectly matching laundry detergent to the respective textiles, as well as the use of energy and water. Through the choice of equipment and highly efficient solvents, consumption has been significantly reduced while increasing the quality achieved.


Persil Service – Stichweh AG – Germany

A successful story about a consumer-centric strategy

Since the founding of the company in 1853, Stichweg have always responded to market developments or played a key role in shaping them. This already applies to the precursor of online cleaning, the Persil Service Office, where they work with regional partners nationwide the private wardrobe of employees in large companies and administrations. They were also the first company to introduce a customer card at the beginning of the 1990s, Cleancard , which is successfully used today after several relaunches in our own and in franchises.

Textile Care and Online Marketing working together

In cooperation with Henkel, Düsseldorf, and DHL, Stichweg AG operates an online cleaning service under the Persil Service brand. The customer sends them, after registration in the system under, the wardrobe to be cleaned and receives it within 3 days maintained and placed in special boxes back. The box can be used again for the next order and is already labelled accordingly . The processing takes place in Hanover, but the service is offered nationwide.

The significant increase in internet trade in all areas has moved the company to occupy this segment in the textile care sector as well.


Jeeves – Indonesia

Quality at international standards

Since 1969, Jeeves worldwide has been working on improving its operations in terms of scale, efficiency, and sustainability. By representing the brand, Jeeves Indonesia has all this knowledge at its disposal to base its own operations on.

Jeeves Indonesia as a company is also quite active as a member of the society in which it finds itself, both online and offline. They actively interact with clients and partners alike on social media and they’re always looking to connect with other parties to promote their service, such as local designers, fashion retailers, and fashion schools.

Committed to environmental sustainability

As a result of the company’s aim to be a 100% green, good housekeeping and recycling practices have been put in place as well. Seeing as efficiency starts within, each operator is expected to clean their work station at the end of each working day, using the proper methods of cleaning and storage to prevent potential issues from arising. The distillation happens inside the dry cleaning machinery, which collects waste and residue for it to be sent to a reputable waste management company. By investing in machinery with integrated recycling features, Jeeves Indonesia now provides one of the greenest and most comprehensive clothes care services in the region.


Lavadi – Italy

The digital laundry pioneers in Italy

Lavadi is the first digital laundry service in Italy door-to-door. They provide to all customers at the collection address two bags: the blue one is for our wash and fold service and the black back is for all other services. Their multi award app frees customers from the burden of having to dedicate some of their precious free time to do the laundry.

Their laundry partner in Milan has shirt finishers, electrically heated and vacuum table for the ironing, and a clothes stain removal table. In terms of logistics, the company optimizes the service by offering between 6 and 8 services of pickup and delivery, Monday to Saturday

A successful business model

Lavadi’s business model is based on the Laundrapp platform, which is an award -winning business model designed for the laundry and dry cleaning business of the future. This business model includes three important yet easy to use tools both for customers and employees: an award -winning customer app, a web – based admin console called Pulse and the driver app. The customer app for iOS, Android and Web allows customers to place an order within seconds by selecting clothes and picking dates/times for collections and deliveries.


Renseriet – Norway

Focus shift from spots to service

The fact that it is a 4th generation family business where 7 family members are active should sell Renseriet and its best practices itself. Add that the company is leading in the dry cleaning community with regards to environmental issues in a country whose environmental policy is deemed one of the best worldwide. Next to the 11 branches that are spread out over the whole of South-West Norway, Renseriet has 44 other pick up/ drop off locations, a pick-up service for private customers and a large guest laundry service for 31 hotels. But there is more in the pipeline. At the moment, a franchise model is being developed for Norway and for the rest of Scandinavia.

Sustainability comes natural

Renseriet uses pure water and clean energy for their facilities. To minimize waste and spillage, the company uses documented waste and recycling management programs. Every branch is equipped with its own recycling system that includes documented handling of hazardous waste and any other chemicals. Following governmental guidelines, everything is being documented online. Equipment and machines comply with environmental and safety regulations as well. When deciding on investing in new equipment, sustainability & the environment form important factors.


AD-Praonice – Bosnia

A functional and innovative business model

AD Praonice is an Industrial Textile Services company operating mainly in Healthcare (hospitals), but also in other market areas such as hospitality. When they privatized the Laundry of the University Clinical Centre of Republika Srpska in Banja Luka, they co-opted 23 employees and did the same with 12 employees in Bosanska Gradiska Hospital.  With new organization all laundry in these facilities is done the same day and not in 14 days as before. AD improved quality of the work much specially with better sanitization, reduced hospital costs for laundry and even bought new official cloths for employees in both hospitals free of charge.

Technology and sustainability                  

The laundry operates one CBW machine, as well as one 200+ kg wash extractor. In addition, there are four 50-100kg wash extractors and three 0-50 wash extractors and 4 dryers. In total, they process 1,080,000kg/year, with hospital laundry as the main product.

AD Praonice uses high pressure steam from the hospital based on the agreement with them. They have their own pumps for liquid detergents, but they use detergent producers’ experience and logistics to implement best technology regarding kind of the processed laundry. Good technical conditions of the machines is one of the company’s priorities.


Magnus Lavanderia – Brazil

 Sustainability at the core of the company’s DNA

Within its work philosophy, Magnus industrial Laundry placed the sustainability factors among the most important ones, particularly in relation with the reduction of natural resources, mainly the water as a finite resource, therefore they invested in the ISO 14001 certification. The reduction of 85% in water consumption was one of the best results Magnus achieved with the implementation of the environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001.

A proper water management with a good return on investment

The company has also built an effluent treatment plant with the capacity to supply up to 250,000 liters of reuse water per day, proving that the investments made for the environment are a guarantee for an economic and financial return to the company in the medium term. The context: the use of water in the wash processes at Magnus reached the volume of 1 million gallons per month. With the introduction of ISO 14001, the company began to have rigorous controls that not only prevent pollution, but reduce the use of natural resources. For Magnus, water is the most expressive resource they use which determined the organization to build a treatment plant for effluents.


Servitex – Germany

The Advantages of Contracted Collaboration

Servitex is specialized in textile services for hospitality. In this market the hotel chains have the by far highest market share and are still the growth drivers. Thus it becomes more and more difficult for regional laundries to exploit business potential in the hospitality, especially in the most attractive hotel market, if they can service only locally. To build a suitable, national offer for hotel chains, Servitex partners offer same products and services, same service standards and same contracts to hotels. The initiative developed a joint national marketing, sales and service network to be eligible for framework agreements and national businesses in the hotel industry.

National perspective, local operations
Partnering in Servitex means that five medium sized and independent textile service companies have established Servitex as a joint venture. The partners all have same rights, obligations, contracts and same voting rights. But they remain independent, and may also work independently in other market areas. The operation reaches out from Grimmen in the North of Germany to Munich in the South and from the West to the East. The five partners operate with ten laundries. Additionally Servitex has service partners in Austria and Switzerland to cover the whole German speaking regions


Shubhram – India

For Shubhram, cleanliness is more than what meets the eye

Good hygiene and cleanliness is a basic requirement for good health. Shubhram has one of India’s first state of the art laundry facility catering exclusively to hospital linen. The laundry facility is designed to deliver a clean linen solution. This facility has an installed capacity of more than 60 tons of linen per day. It uses Continuous Barrier Washer (CBW) technique for linen laundry, the equipment for which has been imported from Europe.


Technology and innovation via UHF-RFID enable tracking and inventory management

Every single piece of flat linen or garment from Shubhram India is embedded with a UHF-RFID (ultra high frequency – radio frequency identification) tag.  These tags enable tracking of individual items at every stage of the process, from collection to delivery. This data is automatically harvested by the company’s inventory management system, which can then provide reports, inventory information and more.

Their expertise and unique processes ensure that linen not only appears clean and smells hygienic, but is also disinfected. Shubhram maintains a clean, infection free cycle from the time the dirty linen is taken off the beds till it comes back as disinfected linen.