Global Best Practice Awards 2018

Meet the GBPAP18 Finalists

For the coming period, until the big Final of the Global Best Practices Awards Program 2018 (October, 18-19, ExpoDetergo Milan), we will present you week by week, the most outstanding showcases selected by GBPAP18’s International Jury. The Finalist companies will compete for the trophies of the global Professional Textile Care industry.

The companies we will show you today are Pierotti, from Italy and C2K Pressing from France.



Country : Italy; Type : Retail Textile Cleaning

The wellness center for the garments!

Cleaning, courtesy, affability and recognition: in Pierotti’s centres the customer is not a number, but a customer, with his needs different from any other.

The service aims to return the garments to customers not only perfectly clean, but also with a clean appearance, by trying to eliminate the fact of having to tell the customer “that stain did not come”. If there is a risk of affecting the garments, this fact is said to the customer from the beginning.

The company also provides small and large repairs, invisible mending and anything else the textile needs to return “as new”. It is no coincidence that the customers define the business as a “Wellness Center for their garments”. Not to mention the home service, which, through an online app, in some situations can be very valuable for the customer.


Company : C2K PRESSING

Country : France; Type : TC

From ITC to dry-cleaning, fully committed to excellence and best practices!

C2K-Pressing offers various additional services to the services of Pressing / Usual laundry directed to individuals (shoemaking, cleaning motorcycle helmets, cleaning of sneakers, …) or to companies and communities (cleaning after a disaster, rental / maintenance of work clothes, carpets, napkins including analysis, supply of textile parts and training of staff).

A permanent focus on technological innovation and marketing

C2K-Pressing has been chosen by major suppliers to test since the new processes, demonstrating outstanding capability in integrating there processes in the daily operation.

The company is also using more innovative communication and offers operations innovative marketing (pijama party, duvet challenge). They offer various complementary services to the usual pressing services (shoes cleaning, motorcycle helmets cleaning) , as well as services aiming several companies and communities (post-disaster cleaning, rental and maintenance of work wear, carpets, etc). The services include analysis, the supply of textiles and training of staff.