Meet the GBPAP18’s outstanding PTC showcases: Blue Lagoon Clean (Romania)

For the coming period, we will present you week by week, the most outstanding PTC showcases that were officially nominated for The Global Best Practices Awards Program 2018. The profiles of these companies are also present in the WOPCOM platform, which you can access here.

Blue Lagoon Clean (Romania)

Main objective: the best expercience for customers!

Before 2013, all the major businesses providing cleaning services in Bucharest were dry-clean. After Blue Lagoon Clean first imported the wet-clean technology, a growing number of companies shifted to wet-cleaning or opted for a mixture between the two technologies, due to the increasing environmental concerns.

The services provided by Blue Lagoon Clean transform the cleaning service into an outstanding experience, by the following 4 strong points, that also represent Blue Lagoon Clean’s business philosophy:

  1. Technology – that enables the company to offer the best results to the clients, while protecting their garments.
  2. FREE PickUp & Delivery service – a service that is most appreciated by the clients, that want more time for what is important to them. This service was first launched in 2014, and has ever since grown up to the point that this year Blue Lagoon Clean opened the biggest eco-friendly cleaning service in SE Europe dedicated exclusively for the online division as it is called.
  3. Best price – through the PREPAID SUBSCRIPTIONS, that offers 30% DISCOUNT to the clients.
  4. 100% Insured Service – in which the client is protected, against accidental damage to the garments.

Basically, Blue Lagoon Clean responds to every need that the client might have, making the company one of the best choices when it comes to professional textile cleaning in Bucharest.

Unique design in one of Blue Lagoon Clean’s units

Customer-centric approach

The business model evolved around the customer and what is important to him. In every decision, Blue Lagoon Clean takes in consideration the following:

Technology – eco-friendly, reliable and with the least risk in damaging the garments.

Quality – achieved by investment in high technology and constant training of personnel.

Innovation in services – always try to offer to the clients a little more than just cleaning services, but offer a whole experience, where they find quality, more time for what is important to them, best prices and a satisfaction guarantee.

New media plays an important role in the communication with the client. If something is wrong, the client will immediately post about it on the Facebook page. The owners find that this is a good way for them to learn and improve constantly. And by the way, they have a 4,5 rating from their customers.

Special offers to boost sales

The eco-friendliest service

Being an eco-friendly cleaning service, the company uses water and bio-degradable detergents. The risk of spills is greatly reduced because of state-of-the-art technology. Blue Lagoon Clean has pre-detaching tables that have vacuumed surfaces that take all the residues in contained recipients, the washing machines are self-loaded with detergents from secured recipients, as well.

The technology used allows a reduced water, detergent, electricity and gas consumption as follows: In the washing process, all of the machines are equipped with weighing systems of the garments, so it uses less water, when the machines are not fully loaded. Also the washing machines are equipped with detergent pumps, that use so much detergent as needed for the quantity of garments that are being processed.

The driers are equipped with humidity sensors, that stops the program when the garments are dried. This insures an optimised consumption of electricity and gas.

Well-trained personnel means better customer service

The company has an unique Training Facility which offers students the opportunity to get a formal qualification in the field of cleaning services. The Training Facility does not only offer theoretical knowledge, but is fully equipped with all the machines usually found in a cleaning store. The courses delivered to students have two equal components: theoretical and practical.

The main courses that are offered are: Front desk reception, Universal operator for machines ( washing, drying, spot removing ), Ironing both manual and automated ( using finishing machines ). This courses are mandatory for the company’s personnel regardless of their previous work experience in the field of cleaning, so that the management makes sure that our standard of quality is implemented with new personnel.

Special attention to details

Blue Lagoon Clean’s employees are payed above the market salary, and that extra pay comes from the bonuses that are given monthly based on quantity and quality of garments cleaned and ironed.

The quality control procedure specifies multiple control points as follows: the receptionist identifies the stains, flaws and the cleaning procedure for every article received from the client, notes the information and the passes the articles to the Universal operator, that starts the cleaning procedure. After the garments are dried they are send to ironing, where the garments are first inspected for stains. After ironing, the garments go to finishing and packaging where they are inspected once again to see is they were cleaned and ironed properly. After these steps, the Quality Manager checks randomly finished orders to see if they meet our quality requirements.

Blue Lagoon Clean owns one of the biggest eco-friendly wet-cleaning service in SE Europe and they have the biggest and most advanced carpet cleaning service in Bucharest.