Meet the GBPAP18’s outstanding PTC showcases: LOD (The Netherlands)

For the coming period, we will present you week by week, the most outstanding PTC showcases that were officially nominated for The Global Best Practices Awards Program 2018. The profiles of these companies are also present in the WOPCOM platform, which you can access here.

LOD (The Netherlands) – Special Awards for Extraordinary Business Development at GBPAP18 – Retail Textile Cleaning.

The future of textile care

Laundry On Demand (LOD) provides a technological platform, consisting of a mobile app and a website, that connects customers to dry cleaning and laundry professionals. The idea is to offer high -quality textile cleaning to anyone, anywhere. All the customer needs to do is use the app to place the order and LOD will take care of the rest, from picking up the items and cleaning them to returning them to a location specified by the customer.

Laundry on Demand was founded by 14 well-reputed laundry cleaning companies, who saw the need to set up such a service in order to give the market a much needed impulse. LOD Benelux works with renowned partners, who are considered authorities in their field of business. The company works with some of the best laundry cleaners available, and it cooperates with the successful mobile app Laundrapp to create a solid technological base and learn from their learnings.

The launch of Laundry on Demand in the Benelux has brought a wave of innovations and possibilities to the doorstep of the regional dry cleaning and laundry services industry. The app will help existing providers to open up new markets and to speak to different target segments, which should lead to increased turnover. Besides that, the company will be in a position to play a uniting role in the industry, bringing different operators together in the same environment so that they can learn from each other’s expertise and way of doing business.

Laundry management, easier than ever

With the introduction of the Laundry on Demand app in the Benelux, supported by Laundrapp’s superior technology, laundry management has become easier and more convenient than ever. From singles and students to couples and entire families, everyone will be able to outsource their laundry and other textile cleaning activities with the push of a button. The LOD network’s technological platform will connect any laundry demand  to the supplier of the correct services in the most efficient way. This can range from a straight-forward load of laundry to a specific dry cleaning task or the gentle cleaning of a delicate item. Customers can place their order via the mobile app, after which the company will pick up the indicated items, bring them to the chosen laundry services provider, pick them up again, and deliver them back to the customer. Laundry on Demand is hassle-free way of managing laundry that is fitted to the needs of each customer. For instance, each order can be adjusted to the time frame and place that suit the customer best. As a matter of fact, time frames can be as short as one hour, so customers don’t have to wait long for pick-up or return. In addition, the customer can track the location of the driver that has been assigned to them, while he or she will also be informed about the estimated time of arrival by SMS and/or Whatsapp.

The service is mainly targeted at customers who are not (regular) dry cleaning customers, but who have busy lives and who have little time to manage their laundry efficiently. The ideal target group are tech-savvy customers who are used to ‘on demand’ services via apps and websites, and who are willing to pay for services that help them out with daily chores that tend to be a nuisance to them, or for which they simply don’t have time.

Thanks to Laundry on Demand, laundry management has never been easier

New technology, new opportunities

Laundry on Demand is the first app of its kind in the Netherlands. By joining forces and coming up with the idea to launch the concept, 14 well-known and well-reputed textile cleaning companies want to stir up the market and usher the Dutch textile care industry into the 21th century. By creating a more efficient way of matching demand and supply, the company hopes to have a positive effect on both the turnover of the service providers and the satisfaction of the customer in regard to the available laundry services in his or her area.

Besides that, the app and the company behind it are also looking to play a role of growing importance in the Dutch textile care industry. By bringing together dry cleaning and laundry services providers from all over the country, the company encourages all the operators involved to share their knowledge, their expertise, and the secrets to their success in the industry. This should again lead to a better overall laundry service provision and a higher quality service for customers all over the Netherlands.

Christeyns invests in LOD

The international chemicals producer Christeyns announced that they are investing in LOD. Amongst other reasons, Christeyns supports this initiative because of its objective of increasing the share of Professional Textile Cleaning compared to the domestic market. LOD is a sector initiative that now involves about eighteen Textile Cleaning companies that will provide on-demand services for the Benelux market. LOD BV has raised more than 600 K Euros so far for its development plans.