Meet the GBPAP18’s outstanding PTC showcases: Pierotti Laundry Network Group (Italy)

For the coming period, we will present you week by week, the most outstanding PTC showcases that were officially nominated for The Global Best Practices Awards Program 2018. The profiles of these companies are also present in the WOPCOM platform, which you can access here.

Pierotti Laundry Network Group (Italy)

The wellness center for garments!

Cleaning, courtesy, affability and recognition: in Pierotti’s centres the customer is not a number, but a customer, with his needs different from any other. The customer enters a clean and pleasant environment, the quality of the reception is also an index of care: for the customer, for his needs, for his clothes. The service aims to return the garments to customers not only perfectly clean, but also with a clean appearance, by trying to eliminate the fact of having to tell the customer “that stain did not come”. If there is a risk of affecting the garments, this fact is said to the customer from the beginning.

Pierotti’s main facility in Gubio, Italy

The company also provides small and large repairs, invisible mending and anything else the textile needs to return “as new”. It is no coincidence that the customers define the business as a “Wellness Center for their garments”. Not to mention the home service, which, through an online app, in some situations can be very valuable for the customer.

State-of-the-art functionality

The drying times are automatically checked by the devices designed for this purpose and installed on the dry cleaners.

In the dry cleaning, chemicals that are used are from the best brands and dosed by automatic pumps.
As far as water washing is concerned, the entire operation uses products from the best brands that can supply with dosing systems. Regarding the loading of the machines is concerned, the maximum load level is never exceeded, checking that the dry items placed in the drum never exceeds the level of half drum. The distiller is cleaned every day.

A continuous focus on innovation and new technology

The innovation is a continuous process, since the company has replaced the last 2 perc washing machines in 2018 with hydrocarbon solvents. Each of Pierotti’s centers is equipped with a sanitizing booth with Ozone as well as an entire room for sanitizing in the centralized laboratory where rugs, mattresses and sofas are sanitized. Italy

Customer first

As far as the one can be expert in shrinkage, this can happen, especially with “fashion” fabrics, with synthetic components or incorrect labels, that a garment will be ruined after treatment. For these circumstances, Pierotti has a designated person who handles this type of problem for all the units. First trying to find a solution with the manufacturer of the garment and then possibly using the insurance coverage for the reimbursement of the same value.

Premium quality service

The services are almost endless, ranging from dry cleaning, wet cleaning, ironing, service for shirts, “high quality” linen ironing service, washing of water-based carpets on a horizontal level, cleaning of leathers and furs, washing of mattresses, armchairs, sofas and duvets, curtains, washing shoes, work wear, carpets, towel-rental service, boat sails, gazebos, verandas, as well as sale of detergents and accessories.

A Customer friendly environment

Continuous communication with the customer

The communication with the current and potential clients is a critical success factor. The company has created an app for booking the home service, which enables direct communication to the customer when his garments are ready, promotions in progress and any other communication messages.

Each of the stores is equipped with monitors that continuously project all the various phases to which the garments are treated as well as the promotions in progress to much more. In this way, the customer who comes to the store, during moments of waiting, becomes curious and watches the movie.

Pierotti has a continuous online communication through our website, via the Facebook page, Instagram, as well as direct communication with the customers via app and SMS. In addition to this there are also information leaflets created for special occasions. That is the definition of a real format of “Wellness Center for clothes” that makes the customers satisfied, happy and always returning