Meet the GBPAP18’s outstanding PTC showcases: QnC Laundry (Indonesia)

For the coming period, we will present you week by week, the most outstanding PTC showcases that were officially nominated for The Global Best Practices Awards Program 2018. The profiles of these companies are also present in the WOPCOM platform, which you can access here.

QNC Laundry (Indonesia)

A great sense of togetherness amongst co-workers quarantees quality

There is something very special going on in Indonesia. The company goal of QnC Laundry, which stands for Quick and Clean Laundry, sounds simple: the concept of QnC Laundry service is a medium laundry service that serves kilo laundry premium and laundry units for daily laundry. Their vision: to inspire and facilitate human life through the widest and most reliable laundry service authority. However, the execution of this goal and vision is nothing but simple, it is very special indeed.
The focus is on business growth. Employee policy therefore must support the concept of medium laundry service and the business growth. Rapid growth is made possible by simplifying the work system through the development of sophisticated IT systems. While the concept of medium laundry service makes operational procedures much simpler than with premium laundry.
Here’s what’s so special about QnC Laundry, they can employ low-skilled labour such as for example elderly and disabled people. Currently they employ a deaf person, people that are illiterate and employees aged over 50, exactly those people who would have a hard time finding a job on the ‘normal’ labour market. As a result, the recruitment system has become simpler, cheaper and more efficient compared to midsize companies in general. The same applies to the training system. It only takes 3 days to study the IT system and 5 days to study the operational system.

Working hard is rewarded

The payroll system at QnC Laundry is based on a pay-by-performance system. Commonly this means two people with the same position can bring home wages that are far different due to differences in their work performance. At QnC Laundry this system provides work motivation for each employee to achieve individually, which in turn has a very positive impact on teamwork. There is an employee-of-the-month scheme and an annual exemplary employee award in place, all to develop achievement motivation in work.
Management of the QnC Laundry is dominated by employees who started their careers at the bottom of the career ladder, ironing and delivery for example, can get people on the management team as Assistant Director and Operational manager. This successful internal recruitment system makes corporate values more internalized at management level. Resulting in decisions taken by management being in line with the values that have been instilled by the founder. Indonesia

Friendly co-workers putting teamwork into practice

Working hard also gets results in terms of quality

QnC Laundry applies the House of Quality (HOQ) theory to determine quality dimensions. Basically HOQ tries to convert the voice of customers into technical specifications that are measured by quality. This theory relies on 3 dimensions: dependability, accessibility and accurate information.
For example: dependability is determined by measuring on-time-performance, as is done in the aviation industry, by determining the maximum duration it takes to have laundry ready to be returned to the customer. As far as accessibility is concerned, the operating hours of QnC shops are longer than other laundry facilities and there are drop-off points and a shuttle service in place. Accurate information is provided by the IT system, customers get text message on their mobile phone when their laundry arrives at the facility, when it’s ready and, if requested, when it is delivered back to their home.

Safe and sustainable operations

The environment is not overlooked in Makkassar. They use the best chemicals from brands which are also used by the best hotels, to reduce rework. Only household grade washing machines are used, which are replaced every 2 years with a new model to ensure QnC Laundry uses the highest efficiency machine. By using 2 types of machines, namely large capacity and small capacity they can also serve customers with little laundry. All 3 workshops and 13 sales counters are equipped with led lighting, to save electricity usage and participate in reducing energy consumption globally. Together with students from Prasetiya Mulya University students they have developed a chemical for manual dry cleaning, which is very safe to use; speaking of innovation!
Being a medium laundry service, QnC Laundry uses chemicals for standard household washing machines. The chemicals used, like detergents and softener, make the waste in accordance with local government regulations and safe for the sewage system.
QnC Laundry recycles plastic waste used for operational purposes. The rest of the existing plastic waste is stored to give to the collectors who will take the plastic pile. The laundry company has pre-ordered the much anticipated Oxium plastic bags, these bags have been used in various modern retailers as environmentally friendly plastic bags, which will be decomposed within 5 years.

You don’t necessarily need money, to make money

The use of massive capital to develop business is not the answer to entrepreneurial needs in the future. The entrepreneurial world is increasingly flooded with cheap, but quality business models, such as those that occur in the transportation industry that is controlled by ride sharing and industrial general retailers that are controlled by online-marketplaces. These concepts all break the old assumption that a prestigious business must use big capital.

Recognition for an absolute unique business model