Meet the GBPAP18’s outstanding PTC showcases: Renseriet (Norway)

For the coming period, we will present you week by week, the most outstanding PTC showcases that were officially nominated for The Global Best Practices Awards Program 2018. The profiles of these companies are also present in the WOPCOM platform, which you can access here.

Renseriet (Norway)

Sustainability comes natural

The fact that it is a 4th generation family business where 7 family members are active should sell Renseriet and its best practices itself. Add that the company is leading in the dry cleaning community with regards to environmental issues in a country whose environmental policy is deemed one of the best worldwide, and you would say there is almost no need to continue reading. Decide for yourself why the Norwegians, with a public opinion that is highly sensitive towards environmental issues, consider the 11 branches of Renseriet worth their while.

As the slogan says, it’s all about a friendly approach

Focus shift from spots to service

Next to the 11 branches that are spread out over the whole of South-West Norway, Renseriet has 44 other pick up/ drop off locations, a pickup service for private customers and a large guest laundry service for 31 hotels. But there is more in the pipeline. At the moment, a franchise model is being developed for Norway and for the rest of Scandinavia. Integrating her logo and brand in all aspects of the business is very important to the company. The brand and logo are of course registered trade marks in Scandinavia.

A business that has a 13-hour car drive between its two outer branches requires extremely good logistics. That is why a focus on logistics will not surprise you. What might surprise you is that they pride themselves on not needing to focus on spots, garments and dry cleaning processes. It is a dry cleaning business after all. Here is the why of that: they are already excellently skilled in cleaning and they rather focus on logistics, transparent communication and very importantly, customer service.
There is a reason the slogan of the company is ‘det er personlig’ (in English: It’s personal). In times where a business can be defamed on social media in just a matter of seconds, Renseriet claims transparency and openness as one of the innovative keys to its success. Also, the use of modern communication methods such as Office 365, Skype for business and social media has allowed them to grow and build a solid forward thinking company.

Combine the strong focus on customer service with short delivery times and good craftsmanship and you start to understand why they manage to generate high revenue in a small market in an outpost in Europe. Their words not ours!

Academy and Certification

That they do not need to focus on spots, garments and dry cleaning processes does not mean that they are not serious about quality. Several staff members possess a Norwegian Craft Certificate and Renseriet holds education of its employees in high regard. The company has its own academy to educate employees on the craft that is dry cleaning, while taking the inner and outer environment into account. In the past, they have participated in the development of the environmental program of the NRV, the Norwegian PTC association that focuses on clean water and also offers school packages on this. Currently, Renseriet is also looking to join CINET’s education program.

Health, Environment & Safety plan

In Norway there is not only a wide range of laws that regulate different aspects of environmental policy, there are also strict guidelines for a healthy & safe working environment. In line with the Norwegian Working Environment Act, Renseriet has put a Health, Environment & Safety plan in place. Through well-defined internal and external routines the company sees to it that all laws and government demands are being followed.

They have set their own standards for procedures when there are no clear demands from the government, acting on a ‘better safe than sorry principle’. With an eye on sustainable development and the protection of its employees, Renseriet is always looking into development of and substitution with more environment friendly products.

In 1999 they have started fasing out PERC for environmental reasons, which was finished in 2009. Also, Renseriet uses pure water and clean energy for their facilities. To minimize waste and spillage, the company uses documented waste and recycling management programs. Every branch is equipped with its own recycling system that includes documented handling of hazardous waste and any other chemicals. Following governmental guidelines, everything is being documented online. Equipment and machines comply with environmental and safety regulations as well. When deciding on investing in new equipment, sustainability & the environment form important factors.

Good operational practices ensure sustainable and optimal functioning of the facilities. Machines and detergents are checked efficiently. The company employs a maintenance staff that follows daily routines and follows up on reports of any technical and unwanted events.

Social backup & low illness rate

The Health, Environment and Safety plan is not the only instrument that shows Renseriet cares about the wellbeing of its employees. The company has its own social backup fund that staff can apply to for a loan in times of need. In addition, the focus on transparent communication not only takes customers into account, it is also the norm for interaction with employees. One of the goals is to ensure a working environment with no stress. It seems to be working, as there is an illness rate of 1.6 % of 36 employees.

A new concept for the Renseriet shop