Meet The GBPAP2020 Winners: Oceanside Cleaners (USA), Overall Winner Cat. RTC-A

Oceanside Cleaners (USA) has won the Overall Best Practices Award in Category RTC-A. The International GBPAP2020 Jury appreciated the company’s supreme sustainability quality and services.

Both locations Oceanside Cleaners (OC) Dry cleaning store & launderette operates, are situated in Jacksonville Florida (USA), not far from the Atlantic Ocean Coastline. The company operates professional Wetcleaning equipment, an Ipura system and several laundry machines. For 30 years, Oceanside Cleaners has been proudly serving the Jacksonville community. As a family owned and operated business, it recognizes that the quality of its service is a direct reflection of the company itself. That is why all employees go the extra mile every day, to anticipate and meet its customers’ expectations. Oceanside Cleaners is a one-stop shop. If it has fabric, OC can clean it and clean it well – whether it is a dress, shirt, shoes, a leather jacket, a wedding gown or upholstery.

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Oceanside cleaners’ staff: people you can count on

OC currently has 81 employees (that includes 4 family members, as it is family owned). It has trained each one of its employees on everything from quality control to the company mission statement. Every employee in the company is committed to this “C.A.R.E.” mission statement: C = Customer Centric, A = Attention to Details, R = Respect the Community and E = Empower One Another. 

It is safe to conclude that OC’s employees appreciate its efforts as an employer because they stay with the company. More than half of the employees works at OC for more than 5 years and various even for more than 20 years. 

Oceanside Cleaners, excellence in terms of quality


 Quality control leaves nothing to chance

Oceanside’s quality control approach begins with exceptional internal customer (IC) training. The company focusses heavily on creating a healthy work culture and well-trained team, which in turn drives high quality control for the external customers.

Several quality related certifications are being held:

  1. Certified Professional Drycleaner by DLI (Drycleaning and Laundry Institute International);
  2. Onsite university certification of completion for drapery / blind and upholstery cleaning;
  3. Certificate of completion continuing education program Southwest Drycleaners Association;
  4. Certification of training by the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists.

The KPI’s re-do report in the used management software SPOT, indicates that OC has an impressively low 15% re-do rate per 800,000 garments. However, if it has one, the issue is taken very seriously to ensure successful re-do.

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Ongoing emission reduction, recycling and innovation

The operated wetcleaning process is 100% eco-friendly according to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) of the state of Florida, using Miele system washing machines and dryers with a minimized volume of water.

The Columbia dryclean machines are designed with an inert nitrogen atmosphere, keeping it safe while using hydrocarbon solvents. It is constantly monitored by an oxygen analyzer. Drying racks are in the ceiling for air drying of household items and sweaters, with dryers both using ambient air. Water chillers are a closed system for reusing water for all dryclean machines and spot cooling.

To proof its sustainability: the company has had the Green Cleaners Award by the Green Cleaners Council since 2013. 

Oceanside Cleaners Team at GBPAP2020 (Nov 4-5, 2020)

Efficient working environment, healthy working environment, safe working environment

To reduce downtime and eliminate inefficient equipment processes, preventive maintenance is regularly scheduled. On a daily basis, checks are conducted to make sure the equipment is working properly. The cleaning workflow includes a third shift, in which textiles are prepared for the next day’s first shift, to maximize efficiency and allow all equipment to shut down earlier each day.

In terms of measurable results on health and safety, the company has had zero OSHA fines regarding Safety and Health. EPA fines and workers’ claims have been minimal, along with minimal equipment down time.