Meet The GBPAP2020 Winners: Oxwash (UK), Overall Winner Cat. RTC-B

Oxwash (UK) has won the Overall Best Practices Award in Category RTC-B. The International GBPAP2020 Jury appreciated the company’s innovative business approach, sustainable concept and operational organisation

Oxwash founders celebrating in style winning the GBPAP2020 Overall Award (RTC-B category)

‘The Oxwash Brand Vision: Making laundry Simple and Sustainable.’

Oxwash Ltd has a combination of revenue streams from different customer segments. For busines customers:

  • 1-5-year contracts with minimum order quantities and thresholds;
  • Stock rental;
  • Regular business collections billed per item (cafes, bars, etc);
  • One-time transactions for events, surge capacity, etc.

Oxwash even offers a B2B2C model with the Marriott hotel, where a same day Laundry and Wet Cleaning service for the hotel guest is offered. For consumer customers Oxwash offers a regular subscription service as well as one-time transactions.

Oxwash during the pitch presentation at GBPAP2020 (Nov 4th, 2020)

Oxwash B&C customers expect the highest quality finish

Oxwash has a total full-time salaried staff of 18 across 3 sites. All team members are trained to achieve the highest finish, as well as the steps to take on the rare occasion that something goes wrong. Also, a number of other measures have been taken to guarantee the service quality:

  • Random inspections of finished items by Sr. Management;
  • Mystery shopping of Oxwash service;
  • Regular cleaning schedule;
  • Internal online knowledge base provided as a resource for all Laundry Staff;
  • Quality is discussed in all annual reviews.

Oxwash defined and measures several KPIs to monitor quality.


Sustainability is a requirement for the Oxwash customer

Sustainability is the driving force behind the Oxwash business model and it is uncompromising in its pursuit of the best sustainable solution. For every tonne of laundry processed using the Oxwash method, over 174 kg of CO2 is saved from entering the atmosphere. The company tries to reinvent the commercial laundry model and aims to achieve a Net Carbon Zero to the entire process.

Oxwash primarily uses ambient temperature washing (18-20 ℃) ​​for its laundry and Wet Clean cycles, which means it can power its washing machines from the solar arrays on the roofs of its laundry units, making the wash and Wet Clean process carbon neutral. It achieves ambient temperature washing by combining advanced Chemistry from Ideal Manufacturing and Electrolux Professional as well as employing dissolved Ozone in the wash cycle to achieve disinfection and deodorisation.

Oxwash reclaims and reuses 60% of the potable water used in its wash cycles and filters 95% of the microfibers released using its own Oxwash filtration method


A forerunner in terms of innovation

Oxwash is even looking to develop the plastic microfibre filter further with the support of an InnovateUK funding grant. All of its Laundry and Wet Cleaning machines are IOT (Internet of Things) connected to allow Oxwash to collect data, monitor, test and improve its processes to ensure operational best practices.

One of the company’s electric cargo bikes

It is building predictive AI powered software to drive efficiency within its Laundry process. Staff members will wear and Apple Watch which will instruct the operator where to place individual loads of RFID identified laundry and Wet Cleaning.