Meet The YEP Winners 2020: Blanc (UK) and WAUWcloset (NL)

The YEP Awards (Young Entrepreneur in the Professional Textile Care) 2020 were granted to Blanc (UK) and WAUWcloset (The Netherlands). The YEP winners were  presented during the Global Best Practices Awards 2020, streamed live on November 4th and 5th 2020 from Amsterdam (NL). Over 25.000 professionals from the industry followed the GBPAP2020 online event on all platforms.

Blanc was awarded for setting up a great omnichannel approach, that has resulted in impressive growth cleaning over 1 million pieces over the last years.  Also the product portfolio has been developed into a total solution for hygienic and cleaning solutions which is highly necessary in these difficult times. The founder, Mr. Ludovic Blanc presented his pitch during the YEP Awards segment of GBPAP2020.

Ludovic Blanc, the company’s founder


WAUWcloset was awarded for being an impressive business that develops a new value or finds a new customer group but this startup is pioneering to do both. The same time WAUWcloset offers a fashion rental concept for ‘power-women’ in a most creative way. The application was very detailed, containing clear details about the business model. Lastly, the start-up has shown strong stakeholder management, setting up impressive strategic partnerships. The owner, Mrs. Hanh Vlooswijk-Lu presented her pitch during the YEP Awards segment of GBPAP2020

Cool & Sustainable. The WAUW factor