Milestone of revival … Fishers re-opens Perth laundry

Fishers – Scotland’s largest commercial laundry and textile rental company – is re-opening its Perth laundry which was closed in May 2020 as a result of the impact on the hospitality sector of the first Covid 19 lockdown. Thanks to the re-opening of the hospitality sector, the company anticipates washing, drying and ironing more than two million items a week by mid-summer.

The laundry has been out of business during a short period, but is now recruiting again to build its workforce over the summer. The company expects to return to its pre-Covid team of 80 people by September. Although the Perth laundry had to close in May 2020, the company kept its other five laundries open.

Michael Jones – managing director of the company, which is part of the K-Bro group of companies – declared that the re-opening of the Perth facility is considered a major milestone, both for the Scottish hospitality sector and for the company itself. He also pointed at the remaining commitment to supporting the hospitality sector, despite the global supply chain crisis, sky high energy costs and staff recruitment and retention challenges, the company is facing like the rest of the commercial world.