Milliken’s CEO on Sustainable Solutions for Plastics – Holistic Plan is needed!

Business, government, and the non-profit sector leaders in the US recently gathered at National Geographic headquarters in Washington, DC for the Circular Economy Forum. The event aims to stimulate conversation about solutions to the global waste crisis. The event was sponsored by Milliken & Company, Waste Management, and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

Halsey M. Cook, the company’s president and CEO explained: “Closing the loop on waste requires a holistic plan. We are committed to forums and conversations that will lead to aligned, sustainable innovations.” The company states that its materials science expertise can help activate collaborations around waste, especially focusing on the end of life plastics challenge—a key emphasis of its 2025 sustainability goals.

The company’s award-winning DeltaMax Performance Additive is claimed to have revolutionized manufacturing with recycled polypropylene, which is among the fastest-growing plastic globally. The novel additive balances the product quality and production challenges of manufacturing new products with recycled polypropylene, enabling the use of up to 100% post-consumer and post-industrial recycled polypropylene resins from which new products are made.