More automation for already ultra-modern laundry on east US coast

US-based Halifax Linen Service recently ordered a new innovative rail system with Jensen – the supplier of systems and services for the PTC industry – in order to optimise their production process and meet customers ’expectations even better. The rail system enables all types of linen to be processed in one system.

With the new setup of the system, the sheets will be fed in the rail express stations with a rate of up to 550 pieces per operator per hour, while the three rail twin stations will handle the table linen to ensure the best possible quality. After feeding, the different kinds of linen will pass through the same system for ironing and folding, and a solid arrangement secures a stable production that is less vulnerable regarding breaks and halts.

The investments at Halifax are made to further enhance the production line; on the one hand in order to keep the company’s growth rate at 12-15 percent a year and on the other hand to be able to live up to the promises made to the customers. The new system is aimed at and expected to give full control of inventory and quality.