Mr. Sidney Chelsky is Canada’s Person of the Year in the PTC Industry

Since assuming the role of executive director of the Ontario Fabricare Association, following a long career as an executive in the PTC industry, Mr. Sidney Chelsky has been instrumental in increasing membership, hosting in-depth conferences on industry issues, and expanding the reach of the association – now known as the Canadian Fabricare Association, and open to  members across the country who don’t have an association that is active at this time. The growth of CFA has raised the bar for other associations to emulate, and drawn positive attention from government representatives when working with the industry in Canada.

This is the reason why Fabricare Canada magazine named Mr. Chelsky “The Canadian Industry Person of the Year”. He is determined to share what he’s learned with others making their way in the industry, promote good relations with the allied trades,  and forge relationships with government officials.

CINET would like to congratulate Mr. Sidney Chelsky for the outstanding “Canadian Industry Person of the Year” Award!