Multi-service HUBS rapidly change US vended laundry industry

The US vended laundry industry is rapidly developing from simple, coin-operated and unattended stores to complex, multi-service laundry hubs that cater to people in all stages of life with impact on various aspects of the community.

First of all, the laundry hubs are considered to be highly efficient, technologically advanced and environmentally friendly. Construction materials are often eco-friendly. By cutting utility costs, the laundry hub is beneficial to the environment and improves profit potential. A primary focus of the laundry hub is making the laundry process quick, easy and enjoyable. Owners seek to make life easier and more convenient for their customers.  Apart from that, full-service laundry offerings require smart space and store design. Hub owners tend to seek more industry involvement by networking with industry-related associations; also on a national level for knowledge and information transfer that impact business profit and growth.

Finally, community laundries are actively supporting their customers and surrounding neighbourhoods; harnessing eco-friendly and efficient operations and providing spaces where laundry, learning and entertainment coincide in harmony. In short, the industry is transforming and professionalizing, for the benefit of all.