Nanofibre Technology from the Danish-based company Fibertex

The field of Nanofibres has great potential, of which only a fraction is currently being realised. The Danish-based company Fibertex is working on producing nanofibres on an industrial scale for many different applications, such as filters.

To illustrate the potential of Nanofibres, a polypropylene block with 1.58 cm sides, weighing only 3.5 grams, has enough material to make a 22.5 km long spunbond fibre of 15 microns thick. The same amount of polypropylene can, with a meltblown 3 micron thick fibre, create a wire of 650 km long.

However, if real Nanofibres are made with a thickness of 300 nanometers, this block can even reach a length of more than 56,000 km. So it is certainly a positive advance in this field to hear that a company has succeeded in producing this technique effectively on a large scale.