NETEX Environmental and Quality Guarantee Certificate for De Jong Dry Cleaning – Laundry

De Jong Dry Cleaning – Laundry b.v. has again been awarded the NETEX Environmental and Quality Guarantee Certificate for a period of three years. This shows that the company meets all legal environmental requirements, occupational health and safety legislation and has adapted
best practices in sustainability. We would like to congratulate De Jong Stomerij – Wasserij with this great result.

Certification more than a piece of paper!

Certificates serve as proof that you meet the requirements and rules. In the case of the NETEX Environmental and Quality Assurance Certificate, especially the requirements and rules in the field of environmental and health and safety legislation. Especially now sustainability is becoming more and more important and customers and stakeholders to see that you have your affairs in order.
Beside that, implementing a quality management system also helps you save costs and improve efficiency by performing proper maintenance and strong control.

Cerclean® offers an extra step

More and more textile cleaners are entering the business market where different, stricter requirements apply with regard to quality and hygiene. Textiles must not pose a risk to the health of employees and healthcare patients, for example, the hygiene of food.
Cerclean® helps companies to develop a quality management system based on environmental, health and safety legislation, international best practices and ISO 9001:2015. An additional pillar for hygiene management is EN 14065, the European standard for laundries and a counterpart to the well-known HACCP system.

Step by step towards quality management with CERCLEAN®!

The CERCLEAN® International Certificate, submitted in 2016, was developed in collaboration with international suppliers and experts and has been adopted in countries all over the world. The full package, available in the different languages, offers training and consultancy; E-Learning, workshops and practical (on the job) training with examples and materials for forms, documents etc.