New Campaign in UK – To be recycled or not to be recycled?

In the UK a new ‘Recycled Plastic Rating’ campaign has been introduced in order to create a new trust mark on what plastic actually gets recycled, versus what gets dumped into the oceans. There is a lot of confusion and mistrust amongst operators and consumers on what is, and what is not recyclable; as well as on what gets chucked into the same dump truck and lands up in a foreign land or most likely the sea.

Research has revealed that 79% of people support clearer labelling of plastic packaging to help them determine its impact on the environment and allow them to vote with their pockets when it comes to purchasing behaviour. Entrepreneur and philanthropist Mark Jankovich- Delphis Eco CEO –  is the driving force behind the campaign alongside his eco-cleaning product company Delphis Eco, supplier of professional washing powder.

Jankovich:  “The overall aim of the campaign is to radically simplify, the rating which consumers need to look out for when buying goods.  We hope the Government will take action and make the new RPR mandatory on all packaging and increase scrutiny of exactly HOW plastic is recycled in the UK”.