New Challenges (and Opportunities) for PTC: 3D Printed Promotional Textiles

Thermopatch launches Highcrest: a 3D identity product. Advanced printing techniques are combined with the best, modern materials in one emblem. Highcrest offers very sharp detailing and is suitable for high resolution designs. Promotional textiles, sporting goods and ready-to-wear immediately get a rich and luxurious look. In addition to beautiful 3D effects, hatching can also be applied, which gives even more dynamics to a design.

The Highcrest product can be seen as an emblem and a transfer. This is because a design can contain free-standing elements that are absorbed by means of a carrier foil with coldpeel. Highcrest also offers protection against blood flow thanks to a blocker and is 100% PVC-free. The application is simple. Using a press machine and Highcrest, which is protected at the front by a double layer of textile during sealing, the process takes 20 seconds at 160 ° C.

Very important for the Professional Textile Care companies: washing can be done up to 40 ° C.