New eco-friendly line of washing products from Surfchimica

New eco-friendly line of washing products from Surfchimica (Italy)

Surfchimica based in Milan, Italy recently introduced a new line of products for washing in water derived from plants extracts and containing only 1% of non-ionic surfactants. With this formula those products warranty an excellent biodegradability and a neutral pH. The NAT line includes a universal spot remover, NAT Clean, an ecological detergent, NAT Wash, a washing additive, NAT Plus, and a concentrated softener, NAT Soft. All these products are not considered dangerous according to the latest EEC regulations and are dermatologically tested.

The product line is based on vegetable raw materials and completely biodegradable. The NAT washing additive is it is suitable for the removal of difficult spots, exalts white garments and revives the colored ones, without pre-treatment. It is to be used directly in a washing machine in combination with NAT soap. The Universal Stain Remover is easy to use and removes oils, fats and dirt in general from every type of tissue, without having contraindications or hazardousness for man and the environment The detergent is suitable for all types of fabric, it is highly concentrated and also has a softening effect. It is also designed for a maximum energy saving being active at 30°C.