New Equipment … ? Lower Maintenance Costs & Boosting Customer Satisfaction!

When laundromat owners were asked about the top 10 benefits of replacing washers and dryers, the argument on which respondents most strongly agreed was “lowered expenses for parts and repairs.” Acording to the Insights Report on equipment replacement by the Coin Laundry Association –  a leading trade association of self-service laundry industry in the US – this  argument really stood out.

Respondents also stated that the older the machines are, the greater the chance that replacement parts will be harder to obtain (quickly). This may result in more downtime and lost revenues. Another re-equipping advantage is considered to be that new machines carry manufacturer guarantee certificates that reduce repair costs for those machines. New machines also offer more programming options than older machines, enabling owners to increase revenues through features such as cycle modifiers, time-of-day pricing and multi-level vend for water temperature.

Finally, it is commonly known that new equipment can boost customer satisfaction. It may not only  help beating competitors, but also grow customer bases. According to the CLA report, 85 percent of laundromat owners either “agreed” or “strongly agreed” that customer satisfaction and retention are key benefits of equipment replacement – and 81 percent agreed that new machines attract more new customers.