New innovation platform in Spain opened by GIRBAU

In its wish to create value both within and outside the company, GIRBAU is establishing the Girbau LAB, a platform for innovation and transformation within and outside the company.

Mariona Sanz, former innovation manager at Acció, is leading the project with the support of the CEOs, Mercè Girbau and Pere Girbau, the general manager of the group, Guillem Clofent, and the president of Lead to Change, Xavier Marcet. The LAB is being developed as part of the company’s 2020 Strategic Plan based on ‘growth, adaptation and people’. Moreover, as a result of research, development and innovation efforts, the company expects its turnover to grow by €20M. The LAB is aimed at initiating and helping adaptation to the major changes faced by the laundry business. Apart from that the platform is to facilitate and stimulate the creation of an attractive working environment for developing and attracting talent. The LAB is to function both internally as externally.

Source: Girbau