New Innovations at JENSEN

JENSEN-GROUP has presented its latest innovations that cover all sections of the industrial textile services companies.


GeniusFlow is one of the innovations presented by JENSEN. Thanks to the automatic tag reading on the soiled side, the JENSEN’s Metricon Software will combine various customers/routes in lots and sub-lots and allocate the exact space needed in the primary storage. According the company’s release, this reduces the need for extra rails and prevents a high recycling rate which decreases the sorter efficiency. 


Evolution Spider

Evolution Spider ensures automating the separation, feeding and placing of towels into the towel folder without any interruption, without any coffee break
The continuous development resulted in three major breakthroughts:

  • 3-axis spider robot
  • Alignment system of the leading edge correct misfeeds
  • Automatic reject system for small and foreign items, such as floor mats

In Vraa, Denmark, 1 mio. towels/year are processed using Evolution Spider



THOR Towel is boosting the productivity of towel folding

  • Combined with a new JENSEN towel folder
  • Added as «turbo» to existing installations
  • 1200 towels/hour in mixed production, without any operator stress
  • Ergonomic work place