New Laundry Protection Scheme to Help Laundries Reopen Safely

Ecolab has recently introduced PROTEX360°, a program to facilitate commercial laundries and textile rental companies re-opening their operations safely. According to the company, the program is based on five pillars: textile washing solutions, hygiene plans to protect linen, people and facilities, BIO-contamination control, technical support and training. Thus it should ensure successful protection of textiles and safe, efficient re-opening and management of the laundry.

More than ever before, proper cleaning and disinfection of textiles has proven to be an essential part of infection prevention and control programmes. The company’s textile washing pillar solution has been developed to increase safe and clean textiles and to provide laundries with guidance to achieve a broad efficacy spectrum of disinfection (bacteria, yeast, fungi, virus) using the D+ registered processes.