New look, new dry-cleaning future

New look, new future

Lapels Dry Cleaning recently displayed a new interior and exterior look for its dry cleaning stores and plants. New – and renewing franchise locations will adopt the new look in 2019.

Kevin Dubois, Lapels CEO stated that the company formerly believed in building a boutique-like call area to make a statement when guests entered our stores in the US, but that they are now creating  a style that is not only pleasing in the US but also in other countries. Dubois: “As we’ve grown as a franchise and expanded across the country and now world, we thought a more contemporary look was in order.” The new look features an open floor plan with plenty of windows for natural light, slate-coloured tiles on the floor, with the walls painted the same shade of grey. The look is not only pure aesthetical, but also includes new and improved functionality. One of those is a drop-off area for 24/7 service. The exterior will also be upgraded, with full-length windows for the store front. The new store front will also feature areas for curb-side pickup.