New methods of Stain Removal & Linen Waste Reduction? Business & Sustainability Wins!

RegeneX – a leading linen recovery specialist in the UK – has pioneered new methods in stain removal that are proving successful in around 75 per cent of the most heavily-marked hospitality and healthcare linens. The company has customers in the whole of the UK and beyond.

The company’s multi-bath treatment is based on opening fibres to lift blemishes. Technical director, Paul Hamilton, said: “Unless an item is torn or frayed, there is no need to throw away stained linen. In the vast majority of cases, we can remove those marks. This is huge in terms of conserving resources, and minimising waste. Since customers don’t believe our system can work until they see it for themselves, we have been offering free trials to all new customers and they were amazed by the results.”

The concept for the operation was formed in early 2017 as a response to the mounting ‘green’ issue of textile waste and unnecessary manufacture. The company has now processed 400 tonnes of linen since going from development to commercial production. This represents a total saving of 1,200 tonnes of carbon and 30 million litres of water – equivalent to the drinking water of 3,000 people, over 10 years.