New Miele equipment introductions in UK exclusively at Wasco

Miele Professional has appointed commercial laundry equipment supplier WASHCO, as the exclusive distributor in the UK of their new economical laundry equipment. The partnership between the two companies will include the new 9kg PW 5082 XL washing machine and PT 5186 XL dryer to be exclusively distributed through WASHCO.

The PW 5082 XL washing machine is stated to be designed with energy efficiency in mind and includes short programme cycle times to have users get the best results without jeopardising finish. The high spin cycle shortens the washing and drying time and thus helps to reduce energy costs.

The PerfectDry system included on the new PT 5186 XL dryer measures the residual moisture of the laundry. Thus, precise and outstanding drying results are to be achieved. At the same time,  the dryer control prevents linens from becoming tangled by the changing direction of the drum. Consequently, the process will quickly and efficiently provide crease-free laundry.