New online laundry engine version released

LaundryRestart now lives with a new Cloud-based engine.

“RAM is cheap” being a popular saying in the IT world, here LaundryRestart disagrees and focusses on speed, performance and reliability of their 1st SMART Laundry Engine.  This upgrade was necessary primarely because of the sheer volume of machines currently connected to the system.  In this new version the system performs up to 10 times faster, which shows in faster synchronization and response times taken to a new level of quality.
More machines can be easily connected and the setup process is fast and simple. Payment features (via mobile app or terminal, bank cards, tokens, cash or mixed) are improved  and turn out to be even more efficient and reliable.
The original system was created as an innovative self-service laundry concept, now can benefit to on-premises laundries by giving deeper analysis on use of the equipment and other sufficient data.
This month LaundryRestart is expecting to upgrade both vending and locker (drop-off) system’s administration tool, as well as the clients management tool to meet the rapidly growing market demand.