New Partnership: Card Concepts Inc. and Operations Platform Cents

The US-based business management and in-store operations platform Cents that enables laundry owners to develop their business, has partnered with Card Concepts Inc. (CCI)- a company focused on automated payment systems, marketing and management solutions for the self-service laundromat industry. Card Concepts has over 40 years of experience in the business.

According to both companies, there is a tendency that operators aim to grow their revenues and become multi-store owners. For that reason, centralizing data and information has become important, whereas customer demand for full-service and on-demand laundry has increased. In short, the need for a centralized system to track all aspects of laundromat ownership has grown considerably. Cents and CCI customers will have access to an all-embracing business solution with a tablet-based POS, modern payment technology, wash/dry/fold operations, employee management, store marketing, remote business management, revenue reconciliations and more.