New Remote Monitoring System for Intelligent Maintenance in Hot Water Delivery

Rinnai – a UK-based global manufacturer of continuous flow hot water delivery systems – has recently introduced an advanced remote monitoring system for instant access and intelligent service and maintenance.

The new monitoring system is to enable the company’s continuous flow water heaters to be converted to an onsite BMS system or IP via Cloud services. Site managers, energy managers, end users and FM professionals will then be able to set alarm functions, trend data, event handling, temperature set points, temperature control for Legionella regimes and many other monitoring capabilities. The new system will also support efficiency for the lifetime of the appliances due to advanced data analytics of temperature and combustion set points.

The new system can integrate the company’s proprietary communications onto open protocol BMS. Apart from that it is to be compatible with touch screen technology to provide localised feedback from the water heating units via intuitive user experience. The company states to manufacture over 2 million water heaters every year and as such feels itself at the forefront of creating real advantages for users.