New service serves customers convenience

Since 1997, Fornet has grown into an organization with 1700 branches for both private and business customers. The company is focussed on sustainable innovations and has introduced a new service package.

In recent weeks, Fornet has tested the e-commerce service in Amsterdam among some of their customers of the “Laundry & Dry Cleaning service @ home”.

This Laundry & Dry Cleaning service @ home program includes a service that consists of collection, cleaning and return to the customer within 48 hours. The e-bike is used in a sustainable way for the collection and return of the cleaned items. Convenience for the customer is the most important pillar of this service. This convenience is further enhanced with the option of installing a smart lock at the customer’s home, so that the customer does not even have to be home when the cleaned items are returned. Fornet uses the feedback from the customers participating in this pilot to further improve this service.