New Video in US shows – Laundromats essential in Fight against COVID-19

The US laundromat industry – owners and their employees – has intensified its actions to the challenge of the COVID-19 crisis. Increasing disinfecting procedures and applying new approaches aimed at social distancing in laundromat facilities, are the new standards.

Recently, the country’s Coin Laundry Association has released a video that not only recognizes these efforts, but is also thanking the tens of millions of customers who rely on laundromats for the essential service of clean clothing each week. CLA President and CEO Brian Wallace: “We are proud to release this video as a small token of our appreciation for the hard-working laundromat owners and their attendants – as well as for the families who support our businesses.”

The video shares images of attendants disinfecting washers and dryers, new social distancing policies being used at laundromats as well as the highest level of hygiene possible. The Board’s  Chair Brian Grell: “The laundromat industry has risen to the challenge of COVID-19 by putting customers and their well-being first. More than ever, laundromats are essential to keeping our neighbourhoods safe and clean.” Everyone involved in the industry can access this special video at