News from Argentina – Laundry Facility Overhaul leads to Competitive Advantage

Recently, Girbau has worked with Swiss Laundry – an industrial laundry service in Buenos Aires belonging to the Swiss Medical Group –  on its technology reconstruction process. The company has provided all-inclusive project management, thus helping their customer to meet goals such as increased productivity, quicker turnaround and using fewer resources.

The overhaul has led to excellent results already: production increased from 315 to 450 tonnes a month, up 43%. Water use dropped 76%, the power bill was down 42% and, finally, gas consumption decreased 21%.

In the words of Sebastián Cimino, the laundere’s general manager: “Thanks to the high quality and efficiency of the machines, we have significantly boosted production while cutting logistics and power costs drastically. Plus, we tackled one of the most important and challenging issues we faced: to overhaul the facility without stopping our service. In short, this project has given us a competitive advantage in the industrial laundry market.”