News from India – Dispensing Platform to Reduce Environmental Footprint Now Available!

Recently Diversey India – a leading company in cleaning and hygiene solutions in the region – recently introduced ‘SmartDose’ –  the dispensing platform for super concentrated daily cleaners and disinfectants – in its home-market India.

Gokul Venkataraman, the company’s Marketing Director stated: “SmartDose comes loaded with features that carefully understand the critical needs of the market. Features like Spill-TITE and smart pump leverages the power of super concentrated chemicals. The package makes it impossible to tamper with quality and makes usage safer by minimizing scope for human contact. Its Spill proof spout prevents direct contact with chemicals. SmartDose comes in durable and sturdy cans which are ergonomically designed and are 100% recyclable. The SmartPump eliminates the problems of over and underdoing, maintaining efficiency without wastage.”

One pack is stated to be equivalent to 6 traditional glug-glug cans and considered highly environment-friendly by considerably reducing the waste afterwards. The bottles are recycled and contain 25% of post-consumer plastic materials. The system offers packaging, chemical, and storage as well as transport advantages versus standard platforms, dramatically reducing the environmental footprint.