News from India – Infection Barrier Washing Extractors for Hospitals

Over the years, Stefab India Ltd has developed into one of the leading manufacturers of laundry equipment in India. Nowadays it has 18000 square meters of facilities, computer aided designs and an experienced team of over 400 as their workforce. Their machines are used worldwide. The company has been manufacturing industrial laundry and dry-cleaning equipment since 1975 and has supplied over 11,000 installations.

More than anyone could have expected, their speciality range of infection barrier washer extractors have become more relevant than ever lately. The past few weeks, Stefab – with more than a quarter of the team at work – has actively been assisting medical institutions in resisting the COVID-19 developments with this range of products. It shows again that – as can be seen all over the world –  the relevance that the laundry industry has in fighting this pandemic is … beyond question!