News from Turkey – Aksa Akrilik and Bossa develop new generation denim fabric

Turkish acrylic fibre producer Aksa Akrilik and textile manufacturer Bossa have cooperated in creating a new denim fabric. The new denim fabric that has been produced with ‘Acare fibre’, has antibacterial, soft, flexible and hot-cool properties.

This new generation fabric is aimed at bringing a new breath to the denim sector which mainly uses cotton, polyester and viscose mixtures as raw materials. The denim sector, which has reached a market of about 150 billion dollars in the world, will welcome this new fabric developed by Turkish engineers. Acare – an Aksa Akrilik brand – has been developed to make the denim fabric not only antibacterial, but also allows to reduce odour formation. In addition, the fabric is stated to have soft, flexible & warm-cool holding properties.

Aksa Akrilik General Manager Cengiz Taş stated that the partners acted with the vision of creating new usage areas for acrylic fibre, offering solutions in many areas ranging from clothing to home textiles, outdoor use to industrial usage areas. They intend to export the fibre to the US, Far East and European countries and by doing so they intend to contribute to the Turkish denim industry.