Next-Generation Touchscreen Control to Uplift Customer Experience

Speed Queen, a global company in vended laundry, recently launched Quantum Touch –  a next-generation touchscreen control platform that is to raise the customer experience to a higher level.

The Quantum Touch washer-extractors and tumble dryers feature upgraded aesthetics that are to give owners a premium look in order to differentiate their store. Apart from that, a variety of functions that users value are offered, such as:

  • A number of cycle options with descriptions, so users can tailor cycles.
  • Cycle modifier prompts with descriptions, to make it simple to get the desired wash cycle.
  • 30 language options, so users are always clear on how to operate units.
  • 7-inch and 5-inch full colour touchscreens, present a cutting edge image.
  • Clean step-by-step instructions to simplify operation.

Steve Bowie, North American sales manager for Speed Queen commercial stated: “It is clear that today’s laundry customer is more sophisticated and expects an elevated laundry experience. The integration of technology solutions provides the ability to simplify and enhance the laundry experience.”