Nor Textile from Norway has the World’s most Northern Laundry!

Nor Tekstil has been the country’s leading supplier of textile services since 2005. The company has now 24 industrial laundries throughout the entire country. Since a few weeks they have opened a laundry at Svalbard the Norwegian archipelago that was first used as a whaling base in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Although the archipelago had been abandoned for some time, new communities were established in the early 20th century for the mining after coal. Later, research and tourism have become important industries. Svalbard has now about 2,600 inhabitants. Apart  from Norwegians and Russians, the island community has over 50 different nationalities.

The company provides textile services to hotels and accommodations, restaurants, small and medium-sized service companies, as well as boats and cruise ships that visit Longyearbyen. At the laundry, tablecloths and bedding are automatically folded and towels and towels are folded manually by the laundry staff. Longyearbyen is the administrative centre in Svalbard and that is where Nor Textile is now present. As proudly stated, the new laundry on Svalbard is the most northern laundry in the world! By the way, there are more polar bears in Svalbard than there are inhabitants!