Norwegian Focus on Energy

For the second consecutive year, the Norwegian Dry Cleaning and Laundry Association has held a digital general meeting. Mads Clausen from Stil was elected new chairman, whereas long-time chairman Kristian Gaasrud left the board.

Prior to the general meeting, there was a webinar, during which the director of the Federation of Norwegian Industries’ energy department – Ole Børge Yttredal – presented the organisation’s market estimates, as well as the measures required. In the short term, efforts are being made to get electricity support for companies, but the prospects of achieving that support are not very positive.

In the medium and longer term, the production of (alternative) power must be put into action, such as electrification of the shelf and the car fleet. Norsk Industri is reinforcing the upgrading of existing hydropower plants and the realization of small power for local production of hydrogen, among other things. In addition, land-based wind power – with “environmentally sustainable conditions” – might also be an option, as well as a compensation model that could be beneficial for local environments. In the longer run (2030 and beyond), large-scale development of offshore wind is emerging as a solution.