Odour control technology from Switzerland for bacteria reduction

The Swiss textile innovation firm HeiQ recently launched new products to its HeiQ Fresh product family based on odour control technology. This technology now enables both silver-free and less-silver odour control options. The company offers these solutions to brands wanting to reduce or remove silver usage from their washing products.

 HeiQ Fresh FFL is a bio-based amino sugar polymer that is silver-free and not an antimicrobial. There are five elements that cause sweat odour on textiles – bacteria, warmth, fat and protein from sweat, moisture and the textile surface itself. By removing one of these items, the sweat odour is eliminated.

The polymer is designed to remove the fat and protein from sweat, thus eliminating the ability of the bacteria to grow. This amino sugar polymer also binds to the fibre, which allows odour to be easily washed off at low temperature and prevents permastink. By using HeiQ Fresh FFL, brands are claimed to get a silver-free odour control that is not a biocide but still preserves the fabrics freshness.