Solvents and Best Environmental Practices

OFA Conference, October 14 2017

The annual Conference of the Ontario Fabricare Association took place in Toronto, on October 14 2017. Rob McConnell, the president of the OFA presented the 2017 accomplishments the OFA executive team has achieved this year. He emphasized an increase in membership, improved financials with a balanced statement, and the continuing collaboration of OFA with the Canadian Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOE).

Following the Conference, an interesting symposium took place the 15th of October 2017, at Seneca College Newnham Campus, in Toronto. The Symposium focused in “Solvents and Best Environmental Practices”, broadcasting videos on this topics all over Canada. The videos showcased the safe use of perchloroethylene (perc), one on the use of alternative solvents, and one on wet cleaning. Each video was followed by knowledgeable speakers on the various solvents and systems available. The attendees were welcomed by Bill Humber of Seneca College and Sid Chelsky, the Executive Director of the Ontario Fabricare Association. Seneca College is working with OFA and the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change for Canada in order to promote best environmental practices for dry cleaning.