Our Star Of The Week Seitz Our Proud Partner For The Global Best Practices Awards 2022

SEITZ is an international, modern mid-sized company with a worldwide reputation in the field of proper hygienic cleaning and care. Their special products cover the entire range of products that are necessary for modern hygiene today.

We are excited to partner with Seitz The Fresher Company as a Silver Sponsor for the Global Best Practices Awards 2022 to celebrate excellence in the Professional Textile Care industry.

In a candid conversation with Mr. Alexander Seitz, management at Seitz, he shared some insights and idea behind supporting professional textile care practices across the world.

Q: How do you see the PTC Market after Corona Worldwide?

A: A lot of shops closed during Corona and the Home Office trend does not help either, so this trend will likely continue.
We will have less shops and hopefully stronger shops because of this and it would be good  if the shops change their attitude and become a service that a customer wants to use and not a service that the end user needs to use.


Q: What innovations were developed in the last 2 years for the PTC companies?

A: We spend more time in trying to find alternative raw materials than to really develop new products.

Our main goal for 2022 is to become the go to company if our customers need help and support to become sustainable with their service on the products side as well as with their CO2 Foodprint.


Q: How do you feel you can support the PTC industry?

A: With our outstanding support network around the world for the daily and strategic support for our clients to master the challenges of our times.


Q: How do you see the GBPAP 2022 initiative can contribute to new business models for PTC companies?

A: By being aware and seeing the different success stories that are displayed during GBPAP 2022 help people to understand that there is more to Textile Care and there are many ways of making a successful business.


Q: How can GBPAP 2022 Partners inspire more companies to participate and optimise their performance towards their clients?

A: By being accessible and ready to answer questions.


Q: What can we do together to profile the performance of the PTC industry?

A: GBPAP is certainly a very important part of this and I am really looking forward to the presentations and a continuous PR for the Industry is also very helpful, which in Germany is not very visible, but maybe I am not looking hard enough.

Details on Seitz: Company Profile

– Brand(s) : intense, Triton, Geniox, odoSorb

Product Lines: Laundries, Wet cleaning, Dry cleaning, Spotting…

– Philosophy :

We develop and sell concepts and total solutions that give our customers every opportunity to expand and differentiate their business activities in today’s tough competitive market.

The continuous development and the complete offer of a modern product range for spotless, tingling fresh, hygienic cleaning – suitable for all process technologies in the field of commercial textile care is not only a “vision”, but the basis on which we found our way into the future.

Another goal for us is to ensure that every textile care company is given the best conditions to optimize its performance and quality with SEITZ products and processes. Our worldwide sales network as well as mobile task force of specialists are at the side of the textile care companies.

With the use of SEITZ products, you reduce your operating costs, taking into account the strict environmental regulations and achieve the desired quality with less effort. This leads to satisfied and motivated employees.

Motivated employees and optimal results lead to satisfied customers and higher customer loyalty. As a result, SEITZ customers are generally market leaders in every segment of the textile care industry.

SEITZ company is present in 92 countries with 100 employees worldwide.