Remarkable 2019 Sales Figures for German Rental Service provider

The Deutsche Berufskleider-Leasing (DBL) GmbH’s  annual report shows a 4.8 percent increase in sales for 2019.  The total turnover last year was EUR 294.6 million. These favourable figures were mainly due to the positive economic development and the associated high number of employees.

At 24 locations in Germany , the regional contractual partners of DBL have classic rental collections as well as innovative items in their range, with high functionality and strong fashionable accents. Dirk Hirschemöller, the company’s Managing Director Marketing and Sales stated:  “The company has made the step from a provider of functional workwear to a modern rental service provider.”

The company also announced to focus on digitization and sustainability.  In order to find efficient solutions here, the regional DBL contract partners invested more in energy and resource-saving plant technology. Large-scale photovoltaic systems, combined heat and power plants or gas and electric fleet vehicles ensure energy and resource savings. In addition, all companies work together on future-oriented solutions within the existing processes. The focus here is on reducing the amount of water, minimizing energy consumption and saving on washing liquor.