Overall Laundry Sustainability Boost by Robots & Technology!

After years of focusing on optimizing earnings, laundries have started to focus more on the overall sustainability of their production during the past few years. Nowadays, the well-being of the employees and concern for the environment are considered in line with the aim for better earnings.

In the past 10 years, Denmark-based Inwatec CEO Mads Andresen has visited all kinds of laundries around the world to identify their concerns and challenges. He witnessed some interesting trends:

  • Focus on resources savings and impact on environment impact, for instance by using an X-ray solution to avoid damaged garments.
  • Increased use of automatic sorting with RFID scanners to ensure that garments are washed correctly.
  • X-ray technology solutions to avoid damaged garments.
  • The increased focus on sustainability has also made it easier for businesses to embrace technology in production plans and resulted in a faster approach to new technologies.

According to Andresen: “The industry has traditionally been quite reluctant to apply new technology, but today we feel that there is a great desire to act. There are global challenges in finding labour, the environmental problems are apparent to all of us, and finally, of course, companies like to make money. That equation is difficult to solve without automation”.