OXWASH and Star Linen (UK) enter into new eco-friendly linen partnership

Stephen Broadhurst, MD of commercial linen suppliers Star Linen, and Kyle Grant, a scientist and co-founder of OXWASH, the eco warrior laundry, found themselves sitting next to each other at an event for hotel and spa housekeepers last summer. Their encounter led to more than the usual polite chat, because by the time the session came to an end, they had discovered to have a lot in common.

They left the event determined to change the face of the sector and sought to provide a product that diminishes  some of the environmental effects associated with the production of textiles from scratch, whilst not compromising at all on the quality of product that they provide. The finished product will be almost indistinguishable from conventionally-produced linen, but requires vastly lower levels of water in the production of the fibres. In addition, it cuts down on waste in the production process, and eliminates the environmental costs associated with intensive agriculture.

Both are determined to face head on the fact that conventional methods of textile processing and linen production have a multifaceted and unsustainable impact on the natural and human environment. The long-term goal of the partnership is to become a guiding light in the industry for best practice.