Partnership between America’s Best Cleaners (ABC) and CINET

America’s Best Cleaners (ABC) and CINET are introducing a working partnership on multiple aspects such as international exchange of sharing best practice standards, market developments and on international travel experience at Texcare International 2020 in Frankfurt, Germany.

The key areas of the information and knowledge sharing partnership are related to CINET’s main initiatives for the Professional Textile Care (PTC) industry:

Research & Development (research & technology projects, benchmark studies, market development initiatives)

The World of PTC – Business School. Easy accessible information worldwide that strengthens and accelerates the development of the PTC industry

CERCLEAN® International Certification. CERCLEAN® provides a complete step by step model (ISO 9001) for the laundry manager to implement best practices on professional laundry and dry cleaning management in a laundry facility

WOPCOM. The new online platform where partners of professional textile care come together & find information on business development

Global Best Practices Awards (GBPA) 2020. Program stimulates the implementation of best practice measures, service aspects, marketing and quality of professional textile care and it will demonstrate its capabilities to society at large. The Awards provide a benchmark and platform for the new state of the art in modern professional textile care.

ABC and other USA associations will support the USA Best Practices Awards 2020. The event, co-organized by CINET, will take place in Fort Worth (Texas), April 16th, 2020, during Southwest Drycleaners Association (SDA) Cleaners Showcase Event. The USA Best Practices Awards is a pre-selection event in the Global Best Practices Awards (GBPA) Program 2020.

About ABC

America’s Best Cleaners is not just North America’s only independent agency for quality certification but also the American PTC industry leading team of consultants who work tirelessly with both ABC affiliates and non-affiliated businesses to assist owners, managers and team members realize their full potential while striving for continued personal and professional success. Recognized for their development of unique industry and non-industry specific leadership development programs, events and travel experiences as well as one on one business and executive stewardship, America’s Best Cleaners is on a mission to build industry leaders.


CINET was founded over 35 years ago and grew to become a global umbrella association with 100+ members (national associations, international suppliers, research institutes and individual companies). CINET aims to build a global network of experts, stimulate the implementation of innovation by exchanging information and profile the capabilities of the industry (a.o. with Global Awards).

More information
For more information please visit or contact CINET via email at:


Mr. Peter N. M. Wennekes


Molenstraat 29, 4061 AB Ophemert, The Netherlands

0031 344 65 04 30



Mr. Christopher White

Executive Director

Phone (415) 857-BEST (2378)